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Live Services is a coaching and expertise centre that focuses its operations on the employment of those who need support. Everyone should have the opportunity to work and be included. Therefore, our objective is to find a unique path to education or working life for everyone.

We have strong expertise and extensive experience in the coaching, rehabilitation and employment of people who need support. We offer a wide range of services that aim to employ people, increase well-being at work and support returning to work.

For individual customers, we offer job coaching, rehabilitative work activities, vocational rehabilitation and work capability assessment services, among other services. Working alongside the customer is our experienced and professional group of experts, who specialise in work, education and rehabilitation.

For organisations, employers and experts, we offer training, coaching and consultations on how to work with people who need support. We also provide high-quality and competitive services for households to purchase in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

We work closely with industry, municipalities, cities and authorities. Thanks to our diverse network of employers, we can ensure our customers’ successful transition to work or education. The largest special education institution in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Vocational College Live is also part of the Live family. We are part of the Live Foundation (formerly Invalidisäätiö Foundation).
Live works to make sure that everyone has their own place in society.


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